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Our Goal:  "To make life easier for the staff and volunteers running canteens, uniform shops and fundraisers, and to give parents and students a convenient and fun way to order"

Managing the canteen, uniform shop and other activities is becoming increasingly difficult for Parent Associations.  Using the FlexiSchools system, your school can dramatically simplify these processes by offering online ordering to parents, students and staff for the canteen, uniform shop, fundraising and events. FlexiSchools removes the headache of collecting orders and payment, and also provides easy-to-use systems that save hours for the canteen and makes the running of fundraisers a breeze.
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Card Payment Terminals POS Terminals
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Case Studies
Harbord Public School
"It is so easy and it will give you so much more time" - Karen, Canteen Manager

Harbord Public School is K – 6 State School located in Sydney and was one of the first schools to introduce the FlexiSchools system. Over recent years, Harbord has seen very strong growth in student numbers and because of this, needed to find an innovative way to cope with the growing demands on the volunteer-run canteen...Read More

St Lukes Grammar School
"Our orders have increased with numbers jumping by around 25-30%" - Karen, Canteen Manager

St Luke’s Grammar School, situated on Sydney's Northern Beaches, is an Anglican co-educational school for students from Preschool through to Year 12. The canteen serves around 300 meals every day and prides itself on having a focus on fresh foods...Read More

North Lakes State College
"All parents who have signed up now claim it is the best thing we ever did!" - Cindy, Tuckshop Manager

North Lakes State College is the largest state school in Queensland, with 2,800 students from Preschool through to Year 12. Despite having a large kitchen facility, the issues faced by North Lakes will be familiar to tuckshop managers from schools of all sizes...Read More