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Our Goal: “To improve the efficiency and profitability of school facilities”

By introducing FlexiSchool systems, facility managers can save hours a day by removing the need to collate paper orders and collect cash. Convenience and reduced queue times appeal to parents and students; meaning that most facilities see a healthy increase in overall turnover.

Behind this industry-leading technology sits a dedicated customer service team who are on hand to deal with any issues for managers, parents or students. Using the FlexiSchools Online System, your school can dramatically simplify these processes by offering online ordering to parents, students and staff for the canteen, uniform shop, fundraising and events.

FlexiSchools removes the headache of collecting orders and payment, and also provides easy-to-use systems that save hours for the canteen and makes the running of fundraisers a snack.

With the FlexiSchools Card System, Senior students can use their existing student ID as an all-in-one payment and identification card, scanning their card to pay for a range of school services, such as canteen, uniforms and photocopying, while continuing to use the card for library loans and transport. For larger facilities (generally Senior campuses), FlexiSchools can implement easy-to-use touch screen touch registers. These can improve the speed and accuracy of the sales process, improve cash security and reduce queue times.

FlexiSchools has a proven track record for the implementation of high-quality and reliable systems, and our customer service team will go to any lengths to ensure your managers and convenors are supported every day. FlexiSchools are the only technology services provider accredited by the Federation of Canteens in Schools (FOCIS).

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