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Our Goal:  "To provide schools with a secure payment system for all services in and around the school"

Provide a faster and more secure payment system for your school, and reduce queue lengths and bullying.  With the FlexiSchools system students can use their existing student ID as an all-in-one payment and identification card, scanning their card to pay for a range of school services, such as canteen, uniforms and photocopying, while continuing to use the card for library loans and transport.

FlexiSchools is a fully-serviced and hosted solution, in which the technology, administration and customer service is provided by our team of experts.  This means your office administration and IT staff are not burdened by the management of the system and are free to manage the school's core business functions.

FlexiSchools has a proven track record for the implementation of high-quality and reliable systems, and our customer service team will go to any lengths to ensure your school community feels supported every day.


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