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Manage Your Operation. Control Your Cash

FlexiSchools Point of Sale (POS) allows your school to improve sales, reduce the amount of cash handling and simplify the management of the canteen and uniform shop. The FlexiSchools POS Terminal is an easy-to-use touchscreen register, combined with a high-speed barcode scanner. They require very little training to use, making them suitable for schools with volunteers or casual staff.

Touchscreen Cash Registers

Reports are easy to access, and updates to items and pricing can be done in seconds. Of course, the FlexiSchools POS Terminals are backed by our fantastic support and customer service operators, so you can be sure that help is always on hand.

Student Card Payment System

With FlexiSchools, students can use their existing student card to purchase items at the canteen or other school facilities. Parents or students use the FlexiSchools website to register their card and place funds into their FlexiSchools account.  Parents may also place controls and limitations on the student's access to those funds. Within minutes, the student can swipe their student card at the counter to pay for their meal.

Watch the FlexiSchools System in Action!

Watch this WIN News story which demonstrates the FlexiSchools system at a school in QLD.  The Student Card Payment and Online Ordering systems are combined to improve efficiency, produce healthier home-made items, and reduce service times.

Students have the option to pre-order their meals online, or pay at the counter by swiping their card.  Both options provide a convenient, fast, and cashless way to purchase meals at the tuckshop.


Card Security

Aside from the improved security of a cashless system, FlexiSchools offers a range of security features to ensure students’ funds are safe from bullying, abuse or fraud

  • Photo ID. A student photo can be shown on the screen to prevent others from using their card.
  • Fast card cancellation. When a card is reported as lost or stolen, the card is inactive within minutes
  • Spending limits. Parents can set spending limits for individual students
  • Funds not on card. Unlike smart cards, the FlexiSchools funds are only held in the parent’s account and not on the card itself, making the handling of lost cards fast and secure

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To find out more about the FlexiSchool POS or Card System, simply contact us