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Simple Touch-screen Cash Register
We understand that schools require a simple system, so that canteen managers, staff and volunteers can get up-to-speed quickly. The FlexiSchools system uses a touchscreen cash register that is easy to learn and operate with only a couple of minutes training required.
Reduced Queuing Times

Schools can provide faster service and reduce queuing times by improving the speed and accuracy of the sale process. The FlexiSchools touchscreen is coupled with a high-end barcode scanner so that items can be simply waved past the scanner, rather than searching for prices on a list.  For non-barcode items, a button for the item is clearly positioned on the screen, making the transactions fast and accurate.  The register can be used to take cash, EFTPOS, cheque and the FlexiSchools student card payment.


 FlexiSchools Touchscreen Register   Features

Easy-to-use touchscreen operation

Fast check-out style scanner

Easily changed when items and pricing are updated

Rich reporting from back office program
Item-level tracking and stock control
Multiple tender options - cash, card, EFTPOS, vouchers, etc


Improved Accountability and Accuracy
The key management benefits of implementing a touchscreen cash register at your school include:
  • Improved cash security
  • Accurate sales tracking by item
  • Better reporting of information to the Treasurer or Accounts representative
  • Tracking of trends for more informed decisions
Easy Maintenance
The Point of Sale system can be easily updated so that changes to your stock and prices can be done by the manager at any time. The FlexiSchools Terminal has a “back office” program that allows you to update the prices, stock and screen layout from a central location. In addition, the servers that process the card transactions are hosted by FlexiSchools, so there is no impact on the school’s existing IT systems. When help is required, our friendly 1300 help desk is on hand to assist.
Network Multiple Terminals
Network your POS terminals to simplify the collection of sales data and updating of terminal item, pricing and screen layouts.  At the end of the day, all your sales data is automatically collated into the back-office PC database, and advanced reporting tools can provide consolidated reports of the day's sales and inventory changes.